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Pinterest how to help

If you’re wondering about how Pinterest works, get ready for some fun. Pinterest is like an electronic room full of bulletin boards save images on Pinterest where you can pin things you find on the web…or that you find on the Pinterest boards others create. You can even pin your own photos to Pinterest when using the Pinterest app on your smartphone or tablet.

Now that the holiday has passed, it’s time to decide when to take Christmas lights down, how to best take down your Christmas tree and how to pack up all the other holiday decorations so they’re protected and easy to use again next year. Here are a few tips to make the process easy.

If you put out a big light display, you might be asking yourself, “How long can I get away with leaving this up?” People have differing opinions on when to take down Christmas lights—some say New Year’s Day, others say by the end of January—but one thing everyone can agree on is what a tangled mess those lights can be. That’s why we recommend the Lights Storage Bag. Simply wrap your lights around the reels and tuck them into the storage case to keep them tangle- and dust-free, and easy to unfurl next year.

Christmas Ornament Storage

The other big job you face after Christmas is taking down your tree. Make it go faster with a Cushioned Ornament Holder. This quilted case with foam-padded dividers keeps each ornament stowed safely until next year—no time spent wrapping each ornament individually. Then, store your faux tree it easily with this clever wheeled storage bag: it protects your tree all year and makes it incredibly easy to move to and from storage.

Wrapping up the rest of your holiday items—wreaths, tabletop trees, leftover gift wrap and more—is a breeze with durable zippered bags sized and shaped just right for your decorations. Protect everything from dust and moisture, and make it easy to find and ready to use next year.

Wondering where, exactly, you’re going to store all these items for an entire year? Here’s a secret: if you think you’re short on storage space, just look up. You have lots of unused space in your garage and laundry room between your head and the ceiling; all you need is an Overhead Storage Organizer to let you take advantage of it. Even transform ceiling space in your basement or mud room with a ceiling storage kit you can adjust to fit your space.

These smart ideas make it easier to clean up from the holiday this year, and they’re a great way to leave yourself a little present for next year: the gift of easy-to-use Christmas decorations!

Expecting guests this season (or any time of year)? Just a few tricks before company arrives can help your house look its best during the visit and make it easier to clean up when the party’s over.

Before guests arrive:

1. The fastest way to make your home look lovely is to eliminate clutter. For each main room of your house, grab a plastic storage bin and sweep in all the excess clutter and random bits that have accumulated. Store your bins in an out of the way spot—like the garage or laundry room—so they’re ready for you to organize the next day.

2. Go through your menu and choose serving dishes for everything you’re making. Place them on your buffet or table with a post-it indicating what you’ll serve in it. This will not only make your food service faster, but will save you from creating extra dirty dishes when you’re trying to find a serving bowl to accommodate something. If you expect guests to bring something to eat, stash some extra platters and bowls in an easy location so they can add their food to the buffet.

Do you have an unofficial competition on your block for the best holiday lights? Maybe it’s your turn to host Christmas dinner (or the office party) and you want your home to look its best. Whatever the reason you decorate, you don’t have to spend hours arranging holiday lighting in the cold or running multiple extension cords, thanks to clever technology and modern LED decorations—some are so efficient that they’re even powered by batteries.

One of the quickest, easiest ways to light the entire outside of your home is with our Firefly Landscape Laser Light  Just stake it, plug it in, and it looks like you’ve strung 1,000 lights. Shine it on a giant tree, and when the wind blows, the lights even appear to twinkle. We guarantee you won’t miss climbing up and down the ladder on a cold day to string holiday lighting.

When it comes to traditional family gatherings such as Thanksgiving, many families have favorite recipes that are used every year and shared with newlyweds, friends, relatives and neighbors—anyone lucky enough to be invited to dinner. In my family, one of those recipes is Cranberry Fruit Sauce that I introduced November 27, 1975. In the 37 years since, it has become an annual family tradition. This year, my sister-in-law is preparing Thanksgiving for the extended family, and you can be sure this cranberry sauce will be on the table. (See below for recipe.)


Time & energy saving TIP: 

Cranberry sauce can be prepared a week or more before serving.
If you plan to make cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries, you don’t need to do the work on Thanksgiving Day. Make it ahead and store it in the fridge.

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grilling corn in the husk

One of my summer favorites: Fresh corn grilled in the husk. Grilling corn is easy to do, and can make for a rich and sweet flavored corn on the cob, in comparison to boiling. Boiling corn zaps some of its natural flavor away. How do you normally eat corn? I’m guessing you use butter and salt to flavor your corn after it’s finished boiling in water. Well forget that method, let the natural sugars in the husk steam cook your corn for a tastier, healthier alternative. Here’s how: