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Now that the holiday has passed, it’s time to decide when to take Christmas lights down, how to best take down your Christmas tree and how to pack up all the other holiday decorations so they’re protected and easy to use again next year. Here are a few tips to make the process easy.

If you put out a big light display, you might be asking yourself, “How long can I get away with leaving this up?” People have differing opinions on when to take down Christmas lights—some say New Year’s Day, others say by the end of January—but one thing everyone can agree on is what a tangled mess those lights can be. That’s why we recommend the Lights Storage Bag. Simply wrap your lights around the reels and tuck them into the storage case to keep them tangle- and dust-free, and easy to unfurl next year.

Christmas Ornament Storage

The other big job you face after Christmas is taking down your tree. Make it go faster with a Cushioned Ornament Holder. This quilted case with foam-padded dividers keeps each ornament stowed safely until next year—no time spent wrapping each ornament individually. Then, store your faux tree it easily with this clever wheeled storage bag: it protects your tree all year and makes it incredibly easy to move to and from storage.

Wrapping up the rest of your holiday items—wreaths, tabletop trees, leftover gift wrap and more—is a breeze with durable zippered bags sized and shaped just right for your decorations. Protect everything from dust and moisture, and make it easy to find and ready to use next year.

Wondering where, exactly, you’re going to store all these items for an entire year? Here’s a secret: if you think you’re short on storage space, just look up. You have lots of unused space in your garage and laundry room between your head and the ceiling; all you need is an Overhead Storage Organizer to let you take advantage of it. Even transform ceiling space in your basement or mud room with a ceiling storage kit you can adjust to fit your space.

These smart ideas make it easier to clean up from the holiday this year, and they’re a great way to leave yourself a little present for next year: the gift of easy-to-use Christmas decorations!

Can’t wait to see what we have in store for our spring catalog? Here’s a peek into some of the NEW styles and colors we’ve added to your old favorites. And make sure to keep an eye out…it will be arriving in mailboxes the week of February 27th.

You loved our rugged, waterproof Slip-on Garden shoes in bright red and blue. Just in time for gardening season, they’re now available in green! Wear them all day, the anti-microbial insoles will keep your feet dry.

No more wrestling with the garden hose! Our self-coiling hose made it easy to handle those watering tasks. Make sure to get yours in the new blue! It’s also UV-stabilized so it won’t fade.

Our Flower Rocket made it easy way to grow flowers in your pot. Now there’s an easy way to grow flowers in your flowerbed. With our new 10’x1″ Roll Out Flowers, just unroll and water—it has over 2,000 seeds.

Our customers loved watching the copper-plated garden art spin in the wind. Now this yard accent is available in 3 news styles: Hanging Daisy Spinner, Lily Spinner, and Oval Leaf Spinner.

All the neighbors were envious of your colorful Fairy Tale Flags, but now we added some great new styles! Our cute Ladybug and Butterfly flags will bring smiles to the neighborhood.

Now there’s one more reason to love our Perfect-Fit® Cami …it comes in a sexy lace! Dress up a suit, wear it with jeans, it’s available in black and white.

Back by popular demand, we’ve added two new patterns of our Low Profile Rug. Choose from 7 sizes, and check out the new Heart and Shelby patterns. Fade-resistant, dirt-catching, and easy to keep clean.


We knew these storage items were winners when we stocked them – but you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out the reviews section for these top sellers to find out what customers like you have to say:

Reader\’s NightStand
84826 Reader’s Nightstand: Just one square foot and this handsome 4-shelf stand is all it takes to organize your books and magazines. Tuck it next to your favorite reading chair or use it as a nightstand.

Spice Stack
84898 Spice Stack: Turn a jumbled stack of spice jars into an organized system that fits compactly on a counter or cabinet shelf. Spices stay neatly out of sight and away from damaging light, but are easy to find.

84926 InstaHanger: This hanger’s decorative wood inlay cover could be mistaken for wall art! But it’s much more practical than that, because it opens to reveal a steel rod that gives you 12” of hanging space.

Drawer Dividers
81639 Drawer Dividers: Utensils and cooking gadgets are easy to find and socks stay sorted when drawers are organized with these wooden dividers. Just put in place to create spaces the perfect width.

Magazine Butler
61638 Magazine Butler: See-through acrylic case organizes up to a year’s worth of magazines – and blends with any décor! Organize cooking magazines in the kitchen, craft magazines in the sewing room or business journals in an office.

62667 Shoe-eze: No assembly – just stack the Shoe-Eze™ sections in your closet. Their patented locking feature provides stability, and their crystal-clear design makes it easy to find the shoes you want.

Roll Out Drawers
80911 Roll-Out Drawers: These easy-rolling, pull-out “drawers” organize cabinets in the kitchen, laundry room, bath, even the garage—just roll out, and you’ll always find what you’re looking for with just a glance!

Mirror Jewelry Cabinet
82325 Jewelry Mirror Cabinet: Hide and organize your jewelry collection behind a handsome, framed full-length mirror!

Overhead Storage Organizer
81096 Overhead Storage: Turn unused ceiling space into valuable storage! This unique storage system gets boxes, sleeping bags and other bulky items overhead and out of the way.

Mission Media Cabinet
84247 Mission Media Cabinet: With 12 drawers for CDs and 5 shelves behind a glass door for DVDs, this Mission-style media cabinet makes it easy to organize a large video and audio collection!

Expandable Drawer Organizer
Bonus 11th Problem Solver
86244 Expandable Drawer Organizers: No more lost pens, notepads or rubber bands – this adjustable organizer has a section for everything and expands to fit a desk or kitchen junk drawer!

Stringing lights and hanging ornaments on the tree are part and parcel of the anticipation, fun and excitement of Christmas. But the prospect of putting everything away once the holidays are over is less appealing! These tips will not only help you stow your decorations away as quickly and neatly as possible, but will also aid in getting them out again next year.