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Your thumb may not be green, but your windowsill will be with this whimsical garden kit — it’s that easy to grow! Packed into this adorable gift box is everything that special Irish lad or lass will need to grow real Irish shamrocks: a quaint ceramic planter with built-in water catcher, shamrock seeds, and a package of “Official Irish Dirt” from the Emerald Isle! Enjoy some green ahead of spring with this fun, easy-to-grow kit…it may even produce a four-leaf clover! Imported from Ireland.

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Did you know the term “shamrock” comes from the Irish Gaelic word, seamrog, which means “little clover?” While there is no official shamrock plant, the word shamrock can be used to describe a number of varieties of three-leafed clovers. According to Irish legend, St. Patrick demonstrated the principle of the Trinity using a shamrock, pointing to its three leaflets united by a common stalk. Thus, while a four-leaf clover is considered a “lucky find” due to its rarity, it is not a shamrock, which always has only three leaves.