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What do you get when you invite the staff of Solutions to participate in a cookie bake-off? An office full of mouth-watering treats and a great excuse to try them all! We had so much fun doing this bake-off, we wanted to share it with all of you. So we coaxed our team members into revealing the top-secret cookie recipes that won our office bake-off, and we’ll be posting one each week this month. We hope this inspires you to make a batch or two of holiday cookies, or even to hold a bake-off or cookie swap of your own. After all, it’s not really December without cookies!

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Frosting Tip:
When frosting cookies or cake with a pastry bag, only fill the bag up a quater full.  This will greatly reduce the pressure you need to put on the bag to force out frosting, saving your hands from any pain.  In addition, your frosting application will be far more precise while working a lightened pastry bag.

Many of the products found in some of our earliest Solutions catalogs are still around to this day—although they have evolved over the years. Take a look at this week’s featured product focus: The Panama hat vs. Ribbon Braid Hat.

The Panama hat (named after the country where Americans first saw them), can be found in the first Solutions catalog (March 1986). It was so flexible, you could easily fold it away for packing. It protected your face and neck from the sun, and came in one color: Natural.



Nowadays, the Panama hat has been replaced with the more contemporary Ribbon Braid Hat.  To address the rising concerns of skin cancer over the past decades, this hat offers 50+ sun protection and comes with an even bigger brim to help prevent sunburn. Similar to the Panama hat, it’s flexible so you can also tuck it in your tote or carry-on. Along with some other differences including an added ribbon for design, it comes in a variety of modern colors, including raspberry and lemon.


Now that Halloween is here, the holiday shopping season is upon us.  At Solutions we seem to be less focused on Halloween this year and more excited about preparing for Thanksgiving entertaining and Christmas family gatherings.  To help get you in the holiday mindset, we’ve listed below some of our favorite products that are new to Solutions for the 2011 holiday season.

Gift Box Ornaments:
New to the Gift Box Ornament roster is the Sock Monkey with his arm loaded with presents.  The Tall Santa got a fresh, new look this year as well.  Our Gift Box Ornaments are slightly larger than our Surprise Ornaments, so they hold more inside.  Whether it be candy, money, jewelry or a note, the new Sock Monkey Ornament will be happy to “gift wrap” your gift for you.