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Looking for great stocking stuffers for your family? Here are 10 of our favorite ideas. They make the best stocking stuffers because they’re so much fun to give and get, but they’re also useful gifts your loved ones will really use. And because these clever gifts are all under $20, you can afford to stuff those stockings to the brim.

1. Phone Wrist Wallet
Phone, cash, cards and keys…all in easy reach! Traveling light is so easy with this comfy wrist wallet. Perfect for students, workout buddies or anyone who runs or travels.

At Solutions we’re always looking for ways to help reduce our customer’s stress levels and help with organization (these two may just go hand in hand).  For this holiday season, we brought back an old holiday favorite: our gift checklists.

Below are two colorful spreadsheets, one to keep track of the gifts you’ve purchased, and the other to keep track of gifts you’ve received from friends and family. Just download, print and start getting organized.

Happy Holidays from the Solutions Web Team!

Click on image to download
Click on image to download



The freshest foods, locally grown – what’s not to love about the Farmers Market? Try these tips to get the most out of shopping locally:

  1. Shop early for the best selections before they’re gone. If you’re looking for great deals, shop late – vendors would rather get rid of it then haul it back home, so discounts abound!
  2. Spare some change. Cash purchases are easiest at the Farmers Market, and your purchases will go faster if you have exact change (or close to it).
  3. Bring along a cooler. Keep a cooler stocked with ice in the car so your purchases stay fresh on the way home.
  4. Plan meals ahead of time so you won’t waste anything – but do leave room for experimenting. It can be fun to try a new fruit or vegetable!
  5. Ask questions. If you don’t know what it is, approach the vendor about it. They love to share their knowledge!

Here are 3 of our top harvest helpers, perfect for bringing home your Farmers’ Market purchases:

82744 Envirosax: Takes up the same space as a cell phone—just tuck it into your purse! But don’t hesitate to load up this tote. It’s more comfortable to carry than plastic, and the bottom won’t get soggy or tear out like paper. Made of lightweight but durable polyester, this tote has double seams so it’s strong enough to carry up to 45 pounds—great for trips to the farmers’ market.
86419 Folding Wagon: Wheel everything along in this big, sturdy wagon—no lugging bags or boxes. Potted plants, flats of berries or bags of soil all fit inside the roomy, 10” deep bed. The durable canvas fabric and patented steel frame make this heavy duty wagon a breeze to fold so you can easily fit it in the car or store it in a corner of the garage. Holds 150 pounds!
87040 Mesh Bags: Fill these bags at the farmers’ market or store, then leave your produce inside while you wash it…even store it in the fridge. Because air circulates, produce even lasts longer. Ideal for garlic, potatoes, onions, lettuce, grapes and more!

Stumped at the store? Print out this list and leave it in a handy place in your kitchen or bathroom (we find keeping it on the fridge works very well). When something you need comes to mind, check it on the list or fill in one of the blank spots. Grab the list on your way to the store. When you’re through shopping, print a new blank list and put it up.

Download Solutions_Grocery_List.pdf

Let’s face it…not all of us are pros at planning ahead! But if you make sure your fridge, freezer and pantry are always stocked with these items, you’ll always be ready to prepare a meal or snack in a hurry without having to stop at the store on the way home from work! Be sure to add these items to your shopping list as your stock runs low.