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We’re always excited to find a clever new use for a product we love. Here’s an idea from one of our artists, Elaine:

“Nothing beats a long, bubbly soak at the end of a hard week, but the harsh overhead light in my bathroom wasn’t exactly relaxing. While I was looking at our Soji Solar Lanterns, though, it clicked: I can ‘install’ ambience without hiring an electrician!


Solar Garden Lights from Solutions

I love my garden by day. When the evenings are warm, it’s so nice to sit outside after sunset, and I wanted to find a way to love my backyard just as much at night. So I started looking at solar options for garden lighting. (I love solar garden lights because I don’t have to buy batteries or hide long, unsightly electrical cords…and of course the solar power is free!) Well, what a pleasant surprise! I had no idea there were so many choices, from traditional to artistic, functional to just pure fun. So how to choose the right lights? It depends on what you need, and what you want.

How to choose solar garden and path lights
Decorative, whimsical garden lights make your yard an after dark delight! Use functional path lights to safely guide your steps or choose lights that keep your home and garden safe from intruders. There are solar options to fit your every need. So go ahead, mix and match, place each light where it performs best. Let’s look at the choices.

Chinese Solar LanternsChinese lanterns make a festival of light
There’s something about festive, paper lights that turns an ordinary evening into an extraordinary night. These solar powered Soji lanterns are also practical because they are durable fabric and a great way to say, “Party” (even when the party is just a al fresco family dinner). Soji lanterns come in a variety of colors, prints and shapes, so mix and match for a fun effect.

Decorative Outdoor LightingA gallery of artistic lights for your garden
Beautiful, 12″ flower lights are like having your very own glass sculpture garden by day and a light show by night, when their solar lights shift from red to green to blue. They’re truly unique works of handblown glass art — not two are alike. Pear-shaped, hand-blown glass lanterns are not only lovely, they’re versatile, too – you can nestle them in the garden, hang them from a hook, or use them as softly glowing table ornaments.

Prefer a bit more whimsical style in your garden lights? Charming, crackled glass birds sparkle by day as their solar panels charge, and cycle through red, green and blue at night.Or, feel like doing the funky fungi? Mushroom lights add fantasy to your yard. Like bird lights, they’re made of crackled glass — and their solar LEDs glow red, green and blue at night.

Solar Path Lights from SolutionsPath light takes flight
Etched glass path lights not only light your way, but also scatter your path with patterns of shimmering hummingbirds or dragonflies — choose one, or change them up to vary the motif. Speaking of hummingbirds, solar lighted hummingbird feeder feeds the birds by day, and your delight at night, when its color-transitioning LEDs fill the feeder tube with a soft glow.

Path lights that are simply beautiful

Solar path and post lights make lighting your paths and fences a snap — and their traditional design complements nearly any yard. Installation couldn’t be simpler — just stake path light in the ground, and attach post light atop a fencepost using its durable plastic mount. They’ll make your yard safer for you and your guests to walk in, while they discourage unwanted visitors.

Bug Zapper Lights from SolutionsDon’t let uninvited guests bug you!
So now you’ve chosen your solar garden lights and path lights — some for fun, some for safety — and you’re enjoying your evenings out. Unfortunately, so are the bugs! Luckily, there’s a light for that, too. Solar insect whacker glows a tantalizing purple that bugs can’t resist. But when they come close a quiet zap tells you you’ll have one less bite to scratch tomorrow. Skip the smelly candles and toxic bug repellents. Portable insect whacker can be moved to where you need it most — even take it camping — and will keep up to ¾ of an acre bug free.

Solar garden and path lights: free and easy
Solar garden lights, path lights and post lights add quick curb appeal to your home, ambiance to your evenings — and absolutely nothing to your electric bill. Just place them where the sun shines at least part of the day, and you’re done. No cords to hide, batteries to buy and change — they even turn themselves on automatically at night. In fact, solar garden lights are so easy that the hardest part is deciding which of these great solar options to choose.

Do you have an unofficial competition on your block for the best holiday lights? Maybe it’s your turn to host Christmas dinner (or the office party) and you want your home to look its best. Whatever the reason you decorate, you don’t have to spend hours arranging holiday lighting in the cold or running multiple extension cords, thanks to clever technology and modern LED decorations—some are so efficient that they’re even powered by batteries.

One of the quickest, easiest ways to light the entire outside of your home is with our Firefly Landscape Laser Light  Just stake it, plug it in, and it looks like you’ve strung 1,000 lights. Shine it on a giant tree, and when the wind blows, the lights even appear to twinkle. We guarantee you won’t miss climbing up and down the ladder on a cold day to string holiday lighting.

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For your “pindow shopping” fun, we’ve gathered more photographs representing some of our favorite Solutions holiday products below. Happy Pinning!

Many of the products found in some of our earliest Solutions catalogs are still around to this day—although they have evolved over the years. Take a look at this week’s featured product focus: Three-way Cordless Light vs. Superbrite Touch Light.

The Three-way Cordless was featured in the first Solutions catalog (March 1986). It operated on four D batteries, and you could either mount it on the wall using screws, or carry it around by the handle.


Its successor, the Superbrite Touch Light, is not only streamlined in design, but brighter and much easier to install. Just peel and stick! It’s perfect for cars, boats, closets, lighting up dark corners, etc. It is powered by three AAA batteries and uses energy-efficient LEDs that never need replacing. Many of the lighting products featured in today’s catalogs use LEDs, which are slowly dominating the lighting market due to consumers’ growing concerns of the environment.


Now that Halloween is here, the holiday shopping season is upon us.  At Solutions we seem to be less focused on Halloween this year and more excited about preparing for Thanksgiving entertaining and Christmas family gatherings.  To help get you in the holiday mindset, we’ve listed below some of our favorite products that are new to Solutions for the 2011 holiday season.

Gift Box Ornaments:
New to the Gift Box Ornament roster is the Sock Monkey with his arm loaded with presents.  The Tall Santa got a fresh, new look this year as well.  Our Gift Box Ornaments are slightly larger than our Surprise Ornaments, so they hold more inside.  Whether it be candy, money, jewelry or a note, the new Sock Monkey Ornament will be happy to “gift wrap” your gift for you.

From practical to decorative, Solutions carries a wide selection of lights with energy-efficient LEDs. What makes them so great? Read on to find out!

  1. Less energy – lower utility bills
  2. Last forever – less landfill waste
  3. Battery-powered – no cords
  4. Generate little heat – won’t burn on contact
  5. Small in size plus shock-resistant

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