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Get rid of flies, mosquitoes and wasps so you can relax and enjoy spending time outdoors.

When you’re saying “hello” to warmer days and looking forward to entertaining friends on the patio, dining al fresco and relaxing outside into the evening, don’t let pests chase you back indoors. It may take some time and a little planning, but we’ll show you how to get rid of bugs & pests like flies, mosquitoes, and wasps with easy-to-use bug zappers, fly & mosquito traps & preventative bug screens.

Follow these quick and easy steps to discourage bugs from returning again and again..

QUICK TIP: The place to start is with water. While mosquitoes turn standing water into a breeding ground, even flies and wasps  are more likely to hang around around your yard if the “drinks” are on you.
QUICK TIP: Because flies and mosquitoes don’t like wind, you can keep them away from you and your dinner by using a fan outdoors.


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