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Expecting guests this season (or any time of year)? Just a few tricks before company arrives can help your house look its best during the visit and make it easier to clean up when the party’s over.

Before guests arrive:

1. The fastest way to make your home look lovely is to eliminate clutter. For each main room of your house, grab a plastic storage bin and sweep in all the excess clutter and random bits that have accumulated. Store your bins in an out of the way spot—like the garage or laundry room—so they’re ready for you to organize the next day.

2. Go through your menu and choose serving dishes for everything you’re making. Place them on your buffet or table with a post-it indicating what you’ll serve in it. This will not only make your food service faster, but will save you from creating extra dirty dishes when you’re trying to find a serving bowl to accommodate something. If you expect guests to bring something to eat, stash some extra platters and bowls in an easy location so they can add their food to the buffet.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can help guests feel more comfortable during their stay with these 6 easy tips.

1. Make sure to have coffee on hand. The Coffee Stack organizer keeps your pods organized so your guests can easily find java when they need it.

2. The Fold-out Ottoman quickly converts to a comfortable bed for your guests and is perfect for those small spaces. Fold it up and tuck it away during the day.

3. Provide a variety of reading material for your guests. The Reader’s Nightstand keeps books and magazines organized next to the guest bed. There’s even room on top for a clock and some bottled water.

4. Make sure to provide extra toiletries and towels for your guests. The space-saving Duo Shower Curtain Rod holds your shower curtain on one side, while guests can hang their towels on the other to dry.

5. If you need extra space for meals, the Round Table Extender turns your square table that normally seats four and turns it into a round table that seats up to eight!

6. Don’t forget about those extra touches, like leaving a surprise ornament by the bedside or decorating the guest room with a lighted willow branch. Little touches can make the room seem extra cozy.

Summer’s around the corner, and it’s a great time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining. Here are some quick ideas to help you create that perfect party.

1) Host a potluck-themed event and prepare foods in advance, as much as possible. It will save time and work!

2) Clean your yard and make sure there’s enough seating for everyone. Place blankets on the grass for kids.

3) Grill skewers: Grilled vegetables make a great side dish, are easy to prepare ahead of time, and take a few minutes to cook.

4) Keep your guests cool! Consider a portable fan to keep outside during hot summer days.

5) Set out a few yard games to play so your guests have some fun activities to choose from.

6) Create an inviting atmosphere with lights for nighttime. Consider natural bug repellant candles to keep the insects away.

7) Add some color to your table with vibrant dishware. Top it off with an eye-catching centerpiece. Fill up a glass bowl with colorful fruits, such as bright lemons and limes, or fill glass jars with fresh-cut flowers.

8) Don’t forget to relax with your guests and enjoy all your efforts!