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“I never scrub greasy or crusty pots, griddles or BBQ grates any more! Fill sink or plastic garbage bag with hot water, put in dirty item and add one or two USED fabric softener sheets. Wait an hour or two and the items will clean easily with soap and water. This has not failed me yet and my friends always call me amazed when they try it.”


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sliders-cScrumptious Sliders!

These bite-size burgers are a big hit at parties and barbecues. They make ideal hors d’oeuvres and snacks, plus they’re perfect for kids, or for people trying to control their portions. And with clever pans like our Big City Slider Station, it’s easy to enjoy them at home!

Finding slider-sized buns, however, can be a challenge. If your local grocery store doesn’t carry slider buns, you have a couple of options. Try making your own using our Slider Bun Recipe, or opt for one of these alternatives:



  • Regular-sized hamburger buns. Simply cut them to the desired size using a knife or a 3″ dia. round cookie cutter! Depending on the size of the bun, you can get as many as three miniature buns for miniature patties.
  • Hawaiian sweet rolls. A popular alternative, their slightly sweet flavor complements the slider patties perfectly.
  • Mini dinner rolls. Sliced in half, the texture of these rolls mimics the soft texture of traditional slider buns.
  • English muffins. Pop these in the toaster first to add a crunchy twist to your sliders.
  • Biscuits. Ready-to-bake biscuits, found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store, are a great size for miniature burgers. They have the added bonus of giving you a fresh-baked taste without all the prep.

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“I thought I’d surprise my Dad, the grill chef, by manning the grill for Father’s Day. I had seen him grill for years. And, how hard could it be?

Starting the charcoal posed a bit of a problem. I blew and I blew and I blew, but they would not catch. So, I started adding more lighter fluid.

What I learned is that fire will travel up the stream of lighter fluid.

Swosh! I got a big flash flame, shrieked, and tossed the can of lighter fluid down the driveway like an NFL quarterback.

Dad came out to see what was going on.

I pretended like everything was fine. He pretended like he did not notice my singed eyelashes and the crisp ends of my Farrah Fawcett hairdo wings (of that time) or that the can of lighter fluid was way down the driveway. He also showed me how to use the electric fire starter.

My Dad is no longer alive, but I carry on the family tradition of grilling. Now, I use a chimney starter though, and I have a better hair do.”

No need to stop at burgers…adventurous grillers are taking barbecuing to the next level—dessert! But you don’t have to be an expert BBQ chef to create succulent fruit desserts on the grill. It takes just a few minutes to grill fruits, and you’ll receive rave reviews for your delicious and unexpected meal toppers.