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One of the joys of holiday gift giving is watching the smiles. And if your gift gets a chuckle, do you think that’s even better? If so, you must love funny Christmas gifts as much as we do. Fun gifts can be easy to give because they are often inexpensive and most always have the universal appeal that lets you keep them on hand for last minute Christmas gifts. Wrap them and keep them on a closet shelf (or in a storage box under your bed), and you’ll be ready to present when a neighbor drops by, when you suddenly realize you need a teacher gift or when you find yourself too busy to shop for the office gift exchange.

Now that Halloween is here, the holiday shopping season is upon us.  At Solutions we seem to be less focused on Halloween this year and more excited about preparing for Thanksgiving entertaining and Christmas family gatherings.  To help get you in the holiday mindset, we’ve listed below some of our favorite products that are new to Solutions for the 2011 holiday season.

Gift Box Ornaments:
New to the Gift Box Ornament roster is the Sock Monkey with his arm loaded with presents.  The Tall Santa got a fresh, new look this year as well.  Our Gift Box Ornaments are slightly larger than our Surprise Ornaments, so they hold more inside.  Whether it be candy, money, jewelry or a note, the new Sock Monkey Ornament will be happy to “gift wrap” your gift for you.