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Comfortable Garden Shoes

 “I could work in the garden all day without my feet getting sore from lack of cushion and support.”

“These clogs are great in the yard, on the paths with the dog, in the rain. Fun to wear, comfortable, and very practical. I’d buy all over again!”

 “I’m really enjoying these garden shoes. They hold my orthotics, and are flexible, easy to slip on and off, and attractive. Good quality, good value.”

Solar Garden Lights from Solutions

I love my garden by day. When the evenings are warm, it’s so nice to sit outside after sunset, and I wanted to find a way to love my backyard just as much at night. So I started looking at solar options for garden lighting. (I love solar garden lights because I don’t have to buy batteries or hide long, unsightly electrical cords…and of course the solar power is free!) Well, what a pleasant surprise! I had no idea there were so many choices, from traditional to artistic, functional to just pure fun. So how to choose the right lights? It depends on what you need, and what you want.

How to choose solar garden and path lights
Decorative, whimsical garden lights make your yard an after dark delight! Use functional path lights to safely guide your steps or choose lights that keep your home and garden safe from intruders. There are solar options to fit your every need. So go ahead, mix and match, place each light where it performs best. Let’s look at the choices.

Chinese Solar LanternsChinese lanterns make a festival of light
There’s something about festive, paper lights that turns an ordinary evening into an extraordinary night. These solar powered Soji lanterns are also practical because they are durable fabric and a great way to say, “Party” (even when the party is just a al fresco family dinner). Soji lanterns come in a variety of colors, prints and shapes, so mix and match for a fun effect.

Decorative Outdoor LightingA gallery of artistic lights for your garden
Beautiful, 12″ flower lights are like having your very own glass sculpture garden by day and a light show by night, when their solar lights shift from red to green to blue. They’re truly unique works of handblown glass art — not two are alike. Pear-shaped, hand-blown glass lanterns are not only lovely, they’re versatile, too – you can nestle them in the garden, hang them from a hook, or use them as softly glowing table ornaments.

Prefer a bit more whimsical style in your garden lights? Charming, crackled glass birds sparkle by day as their solar panels charge, and cycle through red, green and blue at night.Or, feel like doing the funky fungi? Mushroom lights add fantasy to your yard. Like bird lights, they’re made of crackled glass — and their solar LEDs glow red, green and blue at night.

Solar Path Lights from SolutionsPath light takes flight
Etched glass path lights not only light your way, but also scatter your path with patterns of shimmering hummingbirds or dragonflies — choose one, or change them up to vary the motif. Speaking of hummingbirds, solar lighted hummingbird feeder feeds the birds by day, and your delight at night, when its color-transitioning LEDs fill the feeder tube with a soft glow.

Path lights that are simply beautiful

Solar path and post lights make lighting your paths and fences a snap — and their traditional design complements nearly any yard. Installation couldn’t be simpler — just stake path light in the ground, and attach post light atop a fencepost using its durable plastic mount. They’ll make your yard safer for you and your guests to walk in, while they discourage unwanted visitors.

Bug Zapper Lights from SolutionsDon’t let uninvited guests bug you!
So now you’ve chosen your solar garden lights and path lights — some for fun, some for safety — and you’re enjoying your evenings out. Unfortunately, so are the bugs! Luckily, there’s a light for that, too. Solar insect whacker glows a tantalizing purple that bugs can’t resist. But when they come close a quiet zap tells you you’ll have one less bite to scratch tomorrow. Skip the smelly candles and toxic bug repellents. Portable insect whacker can be moved to where you need it most — even take it camping — and will keep up to ¾ of an acre bug free.

Solar garden and path lights: free and easy
Solar garden lights, path lights and post lights add quick curb appeal to your home, ambiance to your evenings — and absolutely nothing to your electric bill. Just place them where the sun shines at least part of the day, and you’re done. No cords to hide, batteries to buy and change — they even turn themselves on automatically at night. In fact, solar garden lights are so easy that the hardest part is deciding which of these great solar options to choose.

Amy, our merchant, is a pink flamingo “junkie” and can’t help but smile every time she sees her pink flock in the yard.

What can you do with your own party pack of flamingos? Here are 6 fun ways to flamingo!

  1. Flock a friend on her birthday…just show up late at night or early in the morning so it’s a surprise in her yard first thing in the morning.
  2. Use them for party invitations. Use a permanent marker to list the details of your party, then plant near their front door. More fun than an invitation in the mail.
  3. Use them to add color to your yard before spring flowers bloom.
  4. Dress them up with a Santa hat…or an Easter bonnet. You’ll have fun decorating for every season.
  5. Use them to decorate when you throw a party in the cold, dark days of winter and make the theme tropical. You and your guests can pretend it’s not cold and snowy outside.
  6. Stake by the curb and tell guests your house is the one with flamingos.


Can’t wait to see what we have in store for our spring catalog? Here’s a peek into some of the NEW styles and colors we’ve added to your old favorites. And make sure to keep an eye out…it will be arriving in mailboxes the week of February 27th.

You loved our rugged, waterproof Slip-on Garden shoes in bright red and blue. Just in time for gardening season, they’re now available in green! Wear them all day, the anti-microbial insoles will keep your feet dry.

No more wrestling with the garden hose! Our self-coiling hose made it easy to handle those watering tasks. Make sure to get yours in the new blue! It’s also UV-stabilized so it won’t fade.

Our Flower Rocket made it easy way to grow flowers in your pot. Now there’s an easy way to grow flowers in your flowerbed. With our new 10’x1″ Roll Out Flowers, just unroll and water—it has over 2,000 seeds.

Our customers loved watching the copper-plated garden art spin in the wind. Now this yard accent is available in 3 news styles: Hanging Daisy Spinner, Lily Spinner, and Oval Leaf Spinner.

All the neighbors were envious of your colorful Fairy Tale Flags, but now we added some great new styles! Our cute Ladybug and Butterfly flags will bring smiles to the neighborhood.

Now there’s one more reason to love our Perfect-Fit® Cami …it comes in a sexy lace! Dress up a suit, wear it with jeans, it’s available in black and white.

Back by popular demand, we’ve added two new patterns of our Low Profile Rug. Choose from 7 sizes, and check out the new Heart and Shelby patterns. Fade-resistant, dirt-catching, and easy to keep clean.


It’s spring! Time to get your hands dirty. As the sun continues to shine and plants start budding, this is the time of year when you should be making garden adjustments and judgments. Whether you plan to do the gardening yourself or have a landscape service come in, you should plan to take a quick walk around your garden beds to assess the winter damage.

What to look for:

  • Plants not budding yet that may need replacement
  • Plants you wanted to move or replace last season
  • Which plants need trimming before the big grow season
  • Which beds are in the most need of weeding and cleaning

Taking on the whole garden can be intimidating. By selecting certain plants that need to be transplanted, removed or trimmed, you will give yourself an idea of what work is ahead. First, choose your worst bed to start weeding, and go from there. Your task will soon feel more manageable. Gardening should not be viewed as a one-day project, and hopefully the results will last for many seasons ahead!

After your bed inspection, you will have a better idea of what needs to be done in your gardens this spring. If you plan to hire a landscaper, you will be more aware of what works need to be done. And you can save money by making suggestions and keeping a watchful eye.

Convinced your thumb is black instead of green? These five common veggies are so easy to grow, novice gardeners can even grow them in pots on a deck or patio! In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying enough fresh, homegrown veggies to make a respectable salad. Read on!

1. Tomatoes. Whether you’re using them for homemade sauce or fresh in a salad, nothing beats homegrown tomatoes. Large and small varieties can easily be grown in your garden or on a balcony or patio in a container. Start from seed indoors, moving them outside after risk of frost is past, or find at a nursery or garden home center. Popular varieties include Cherry, Beefsteak and Celebrity.

2. Carrots. Sow carrots seeds as soon as the frost is over, and replant every few weeks to enjoy all summer! So easy to grow, they’re ideal for beginning gardeners. They’ll do best in full sunlight and light, sandy soil: easy-to-grow varieties include Nelson, Imperator, Gold Pak, Lady Finger and Short ‘n’ Sweet.

3. Radishes. You’ll start seeing the results of your planting in as little as 4 days with radishes! So easy to grow, and their fresh, peppery flavor is a wonderful addition to salads. Sow them in early spring or fall and harvest in 4 to 5 weeks. Popular varieties include Cherry Belle, White Icicle, Scarlet Globe and Sparkler.

4. Lettuce. Lettuce can be planted any time during the growing season, but it does best during the spring and fall. Stay away from head varieties – the looseleaf or bunch varieties are easier to grow. Popular varieties include Salad Bowl, Lollo Bionda and Oakleaf.

5. Leafy greens. Even easier to grow than lettuce, leafy greens (such as kale, collards, spinach, mustard greens and chard) are even easier to grow and packed with nutrients. Like lettuce, leafy greens can be grown in a garden bed or container – they even do double duty as an attractive ornamental. Try several varieties so you can enjoy leafy greens throughout the growing season.

Don’t have the time or space for a full garden? Go wild with potted plants, hanging baskets and window boxes! Here’s a couple of tips for keeping them neat and clean:

  • Once you’ve planted your flowers in the container, spread a layer of gravel on top of the soil. This will keep dirt from splashing out of the container next time it rains, or when you water the plants.
  • Worried that water spill out of your container onto your porch or deck? Just toss a few ice cubes on top of the soil! They’ll melt slowly, allowing the soil to absorb the moisture without overflowing.

Here are 5 popular container garden helpers you’re sure to love:

Self-Watering Pots
86462 Self-Watering Pots
Healthier, lusher plants—and no root rot.

Flip Flop Flower Pot
86415 Flip Flop Flower Pot
How clever! Stack pots to save space—easier to water, too!

Post Butler
83895 Plant Monkeys or Post Butler
Instant shelves won’t crowd a deck!

Trellis Screen with Planter
63123 Trellis Screen with Planter
Instant privacy and garden beauty!

Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter
84886 Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter
Grow delicious vegetables in the smallest spaces!