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pie crust

My reputation as a baker would be on the line if this news ever got out: I have fear of pie crusts. Not eating it, mind you, but making it. And it’s really put a crimp (uh, sorry) in my repertoire because it limits me to cookies, cakes, quick breads and bars. I’ll still clip pie recipes from magazines and newspapers, and peel off labels from cans in the hope that one day my fear can be conquered. I confess to making the occasional pie, but only thanks to those perfectly shaped, pre-rolled discs available in the dairy case. For a long time, I avoided buying even those, thinking, How hard can it be, really, to make pie crust from scratch? It’s a little flour, a little butter, a little water…or is it lard? Vegetable shortening? A combination? Pastry flour or all-purpose? And what about additives, like sugar, orange zest, ground almonds, baking powder, cream cheese, and yes, even vinegar and vodka? Then there’s the hand mixing (and I mean with your hands) vs. food processor vs. pastry blender method.

Best-ever. Easiest. No-fail. Flakiest. Easy as pie. Grandma’s Favorite.

In celebration of the blackberries that are now in season on the nature trail behind our office, the Solutions staff is going to share some of our favorite blackberry recipes! To start things off: a quick and simple blackberry fool. With just half twenty minutes of leisurely picking, you’ll have enough to serve 4 to 6 people this luscious, creamy dessert!