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Resolution: Get organized.
Advice for sticking to it: We feel more relaxed when our surroundings are neat and orderly! Cut through closet clutter by applying a “two-year” rule: if you haven’t worn it in two years, you probably never will. Don’t let the mail stack up – sort through each day when it arrives. Look for unused storage spaces under furniture and behind doors. Schedule time each week or month to clear away clutter.

More ideas: An organized closet is possible!

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Keep tabs on whats in the back of that cabinet!
Keep tabs on what’s in the back of that cabinet!

If you find yourself having to clear a space on the counter to prepare a meal, chances are you’re all-too familiar with how fast clutter can pile up in the kitchen! Short of a costly and major renovation, what can you do to conquer the chaos and reclaim your kitchen? Here are ten great tips that will get you on the road to turning your kitchen into an inviting place for family and friends.

1. Take stock of what you have.
Empty cabinets, pantry and drawers. Have you been holding onto empty margarine containers, mismatched dishes and logo mugs that never see the light of day? Disposing of them will free up valuable kitchen real estate!

2. Sort remaining items by category.
Keep items of similar size, shape and type together. Stacking plates, keeping canned goods together and nesting spoons makes them easier to locate quickly.

3. Aim high when putting away seldom-used items.
Reserve the higher shelves in your cabinets for antique china, crystal, serving pieces and other items you don’t use much. Keep mixing bowls, casserole dishes, glasses and other everyday items within easy reach. This will also reduce the risk of mishaps.

4. Look above for extra storage space.
A ceiling- or wall-mounted pot rack not only frees up cupboards—it looks stylish, too! Racks also make finding the right pan quick and easy. Hang a wire basket from the ceiling for produce stored at room temperature.

5. Hook up!
Hooks installed inside a cabinet door are great for hanging measuring spoons, cups and other small items you want to keep out of sight. Look for spots on the wall near the stove, alongside the sink or behind a door to hang brooms, mops and dust pans. Hang a paper towel dispenser or dish towel on the wall over the sink, while the spot above the stove can be reserved for potholders, tiles and long-handled utensils like spatulas.

6. Go portable.
A freestanding caddy can hold silverware, while a crock can hold wooden spoons and ladles. Just set them on a counter or kitchen table, or tuck them out of the way in a cabinet as the need arises. This can be a great way to keep utensils in reach…and avoid overstuffing your drawers!

7. Maximize drawer- and cabinet-space.
Install pull-out racks on runners in your bottom cabinets! These make it easy to reach items stored in the back. Dividers or partitioned cutlery trays in drawers keep different items separate and organized.

8. Prop up cookbooks.
Rather than waste counter space by laying a cookbook or cooking magazine flat on the counter, arrange them in magazine holders.

9. Store for a view.
Loose packets of tea bags, salad dressings and powdered drinks can be kept neat and easy-to-find in transparent containers stacked on the pantry shelf.

10. Stack smart.
Pile plastic food storage containers by size, from large to small, inside one another. Store matching lids in a separate pile, also by size. When choosing containers keep in mind that square ones take up less room than round, while collapsible containers can save even more space.

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Clear Stacking Bin—Stack to double your storage!
Clear Stacking Bin—Stack to double your storage!

Just because Home Office Day is only once a year (the second Tuesday in March) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having a clean, efficient, organized office all year long. No matter if you work for yourself, telecommute, or just pay your bills there, your home office should simplify your life. Here are seven simple steps to helping you get there!

Have you ever had to pay a late fee on a credit card bill you forgot about, or searched through the house trying to hunt down the electric bill? Despite direct deposit, online banking, and the ability to pay bills electronically, it seems as though stacks of paperwork still overwhelm our homes.

With year-end tax statements now filling the mailbox, staying organized is more important than ever. Use these tips to tame paperwork piles before they clutter up your home.

Shelf dividers keep stacks neat so theres room for more.
Shelf dividers keep stacks neat so there’s room for more.

Is it because we can close the door on it that a closet can easily turn into a cluttered disaster area? In just Eight Simple Steps, you can clean and organize your closet. You’ll save yourself time and trouble the next time you’re looking for that special pair of shoes or a favorite blouse.