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Are you a dyed-in-the-wool neat-nick, or just don’t want to waste money by letting perishable food go to waste after being “lost” in the fridge? Either way, if you’re looking for the easiest way to organize your fridge and make it effortless to keep it clean, here are some simple, yet effective tips for organizing your refrigerator.

Start with a clean refrigerator.
When cleaning your fridge:

  1. Empty everything into a cooler, or place perishable food on the kitchen counter and cover with heavy towels to keep it cool.
  2. As you take things out of the fridge, use a damp Miracle Cloth to wipe down bottles and packages.
  3. Any perishable food that is past its prime should be tossed. Keep in mind that even bottled sauces and jam have a shelf life. (TIP: in the future, use a permanent marker to add the expiration date to the label. IE: If a container of chicken broth can be kept for 10 days after opening, write “use by” and add the date that’s 10 days out.)
  4.  Depending on the condition of your fridge, you may be able to simply wipe down the walls, shelves and bins with a cloth rinsed in water with a little baking soda added. If you have been putting off the job of cleaning and organizing your fridge, you may need to remove shelves and bins to clean them in an oversized sink or laundry tub. We’ve even known people to use a clean bathtub for that purpose.

My husband Ben and I are busy people. We both work full-time, and when Friday evening rolls around, we enjoy spending our free time with friends and family. That’s why it’s no surprise that during the weekend, there’s no time to clean our house before we’re back at the office.

Recently, Ben came up with a great idea to make our home a priority: Clean one room in the house, once a month.

The idea is to pick one room in the house (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and clean it from top to bottom for one day of the month. This includes moving furniture and dusting, wiping, vacuuming, and anything else you can think of to deep clean the room. It’s also a chance to decide whether or not you want to redecorate or reorganize the space.

By making each room a priority, it reminds us to appreciate our beautiful home.

We decided our “clean day” in January would be Sunday, since most fun events on the weekends are usually Friday and Saturday nights. Once we decided on a day, we stuck to it—even if we received a tempting last-minute brunch invitation.

Last month we focused on the bedroom and started cleaning the bedroom closet, and worked our way to the master bathroom. We went through our closet and pulled out piles of clothes we didn’t wear anymore. We made one pile for donation, and another to give away to friends and family who we thought might like them.  We washed our sheets, dusted end tables, cleaned the windows, and vacuumed the carpets.

That night, it felt good to know our bedroom was now a clutter-free, peaceful retreat. And guess what—we even had time to go to dinner with friends!

Freebie: We’ve made a free to print room list for you to try the One Room, Once a Month technique for yourself. Click the image below to download. Make sure to come back to our blog and keep us posted on your monthly cleaning.