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grilling corn in the husk

One of my summer favorites: Fresh corn grilled in the husk. Grilling corn is easy to do, and can make for a rich and sweet flavored corn on the cob, in comparison to boiling. Boiling corn zaps some of its natural flavor away. How do you normally eat corn? I’m guessing you use butter and salt to flavor your corn after it’s finished boiling in water. Well forget that method, let the natural sugars in the husk steam cook your corn for a tastier, healthier alternative. Here’s how:

“I thought I’d surprise my Dad, the grill chef, by manning the grill for Father’s Day. I had seen him grill for years. And, how hard could it be?

Starting the charcoal posed a bit of a problem. I blew and I blew and I blew, but they would not catch. So, I started adding more lighter fluid.

What I learned is that fire will travel up the stream of lighter fluid.

Swosh! I got a big flash flame, shrieked, and tossed the can of lighter fluid down the driveway like an NFL quarterback.

Dad came out to see what was going on.

I pretended like everything was fine. He pretended like he did not notice my singed eyelashes and the crisp ends of my Farrah Fawcett hairdo wings (of that time) or that the can of lighter fluid was way down the driveway. He also showed me how to use the electric fire starter.

My Dad is no longer alive, but I carry on the family tradition of grilling. Now, I use a chimney starter though, and I have a better hair do.”

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to dust off the grill and start thinking backyard BBQ! Before you unwrap that first hot dog, here are 8 simple steps-as well as some tips and tasty recipes-to ensure a clean, safe and delicious opening day of BBQ season at your home.