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Keeping cool during the hottest months of the year isn’t just a matter of comfort—it can also be life-saving. Heat stroke and exhaustion strike millions of people each year, and their effects can be deadly. Even if you have central air conditioning in your home, activities like exercising and cooking can raise your temperature fast and put you at risk. And of course, outdoor activities like gardening, walking and running put you at tremendous risk on hot days. Here are a few tips for keeping cool this summer indoors and out so that you stay comfortable and reduce your risk of a heat-related illness.


If you haven’t noticed a trend of bright colors around the home, then flip through the most recent Solutions catalog. Something fun is happening in the kitchen and at Solutions: We’re welcoming a bright and cheery trend into our catalog pages. You’ll see bright, colorful and helpful kitchen gadgets.

To get to the bottom of what all the teal, yellow and magenta colored products are all about, I spoke with our Director of Merchandising about her inspiration.

Findings:  This new color trend is being created by a combination of forces—and interestingly enough, the economy has a lot to do with it. As the U.S. slowly gains faith in the economy, we are now starting to look for upbeat, fun colored accents around the home that can brighten the mood. At the same time, manufacturers are starting to take chances again. These two economic factors are met with a new material in the kitchen: Silicon.

Silicon kitchen tools are becoming more wide spread. Silicon as a material is also easily colored and produces vivid, bright finishes that hold their original color.

Another aspect to the bold colors in the marketplace are the products themselves. Since most appliances are basic black, white or silver, it can be fun to be adventurous with colors when it comes to cooking tools and gadgets. Anything that helps make cooking more fun and inviting is encouraged. And it doesn’t hurt to add bright colors in the kitchen while guests are helping or watching you cook. If you’re worried about shifting the entire color palette of your home, remember that these functional tools can be stored in cabinets and drawers and be brought out when they’re ready for use. So feel free to have fun with bright colors!

Finally, a slow growth in the natural food and garden movement has created a surge in kitchen gadgetry, to aid cooks in preparing and storing these foods.

The trend of brightly colored kitchen tools seems to be unraveled. People are looking for fun in the kitchen, manufacturers are taking more chances, and a new need for kitchen tools has created a fun and functional trend that Solutions is standing behind.

Check out our colorful selection of gadgets…it will put a smile on your face >



We’re gearing up for the launch of our Summer Catalog, which will be arriving in your home in early May. Our staff has searched long and hard to bring you fun and exciting home accents, problem solvers, pest control products and décor that will make your summer sparkle.

“Entertaining guests in the home” was one of our main focuses when we designed the summer catalog. Here are a few of our favorites to give you a look into spring.

hour glass wire side tablesHour Glass Table $89.98
This colorful, lightweight, wire and mesh constructed table looks great wherever you place it.
product# 89227

Can’t wait to see what we have in store for our spring catalog? Here’s a peek into some of the NEW styles and colors we’ve added to your old favorites. And make sure to keep an eye out…it will be arriving in mailboxes the week of February 27th.

You loved our rugged, waterproof Slip-on Garden shoes in bright red and blue. Just in time for gardening season, they’re now available in green! Wear them all day, the anti-microbial insoles will keep your feet dry.

No more wrestling with the garden hose! Our self-coiling hose made it easy to handle those watering tasks. Make sure to get yours in the new blue! It’s also UV-stabilized so it won’t fade.

Our Flower Rocket made it easy way to grow flowers in your pot. Now there’s an easy way to grow flowers in your flowerbed. With our new 10’x1″ Roll Out Flowers, just unroll and water—it has over 2,000 seeds.

Our customers loved watching the copper-plated garden art spin in the wind. Now this yard accent is available in 3 news styles: Hanging Daisy Spinner, Lily Spinner, and Oval Leaf Spinner.

All the neighbors were envious of your colorful Fairy Tale Flags, but now we added some great new styles! Our cute Ladybug and Butterfly flags will bring smiles to the neighborhood.

Now there’s one more reason to love our Perfect-Fit® Cami …it comes in a sexy lace! Dress up a suit, wear it with jeans, it’s available in black and white.

Back by popular demand, we’ve added two new patterns of our Low Profile Rug. Choose from 7 sizes, and check out the new Heart and Shelby patterns. Fade-resistant, dirt-catching, and easy to keep clean.


Every year, I become more and more aware of gifts from neighbors and friends. The gifts that seem to standout the most are always consumable food items that my family can eat, even after the holidays have ended.

So, I’ve changed my gift-giving focus to be more on the actual containers and wrappers that will hold the food I give. It’s all in the presentation—and it’s so much fun to find neat little jars, tins, cups and containers.

Two of my favorite containers this year include the paper bake pans. They are the perfect bakeware/gift wrap combo. We blogged about these bake pans earlier this season, but I had to bring them up again. They are the perfect size and they look great once finished. And the best part, no dishes to clean after baking!

The unzipped glass bowl is my favorite container this year. I bought up a bunch of these funky ziplock bag-shaped bowls to fill with goodies for friends and neighbors. These bowls are so unique that you’re almost guaranteed the recipient won’t already have one. The bowls are fun to layout on a coffee table or countertop year-round, so your gift will keep giving even after the holidays.

Good luck searching for your perfect containers for gift-giving season this year.
Solutions Creative Director —Lori Ann

Now that Halloween is here, the holiday shopping season is upon us.  At Solutions we seem to be less focused on Halloween this year and more excited about preparing for Thanksgiving entertaining and Christmas family gatherings.  To help get you in the holiday mindset, we’ve listed below some of our favorite products that are new to Solutions for the 2011 holiday season.

Gift Box Ornaments:
New to the Gift Box Ornament roster is the Sock Monkey with his arm loaded with presents.  The Tall Santa got a fresh, new look this year as well.  Our Gift Box Ornaments are slightly larger than our Surprise Ornaments, so they hold more inside.  Whether it be candy, money, jewelry or a note, the new Sock Monkey Ornament will be happy to “gift wrap” your gift for you.

At, we appreciate when customers take the time to send us feedback and reviews. These reviews not only help shoppers learn more about the product, but they also help our team do some fine-tuning on our end. We especially love to hear the creative ways our customers use our products in their homes. One of our favorite things to receive is a customer photo of a favorite Solutions product.

Here, a Solutions customer sent us a picture of her storefront where she displayed multiple Cat WOWindow Posters. We loved the photo so much we wanted to share it with you.

Solutions Customer Photo


Solutions Customer Photo
Solutions Customer Photo


Feel free to send us your photos anytime. Find the product you purchased at and write a review. There’s a “share pictures” option on the review page that allows you to upload and share your pictures with us.
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